Whether you will receive a refund or pay taxes owed to IRS depends on every taxpayer’s individual situation.

We will work with your information to assure you will receive all the credits you entitled to that might lower your tax responsibility and/or maximize your refund. Stop by the office for a Free Estimate.

How will I receive my refund money?

You can choose how your refund is “delivered” to you once IRS processes your tax return. The refund can be mailed to your address, directly deposited to your bank account or delivered through one of the Electronic Refund Disbursement Services* below. 

Disbursement Selection Fees
FasterMoney™ Visa® Prepaid Card   (obtained from your Tax Preparer). 1st Refund: $35.00*

2nd Refund: $12.00

                              Paper Check                                   (obtained from your Tax Preparer). 1st Refund: $35.00*

2nd Refund: $12.00

* Refund disbursement fees will not apply if you pay your Tax Preparer directly for your tax preparation.